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Are you experiencing a backed up toilet, slow draining kitchen sink or bathtub? Then contact United Plumbing Gardena for super fast unclogging services. We come with great experience and we are always ready to assist our customers when it comes to plumbing issues. Therefore, if the sewer line is blocked, we will also help in unclogging, ensuring a smooth flow of wastewater.

Toilet Unclogging Solutions

Imagine a toilet backup when your guests are about to arrive. It can be a devastating experience. Right? Worry no more because at United Plumbing Gardena, we provide a super fast assistance. On arrival, we will unclog the toilet quickly, so you do not have to feel ashamed when your guests need to use the toilet.

Clogged toilet is often because of tissue buildup and particularly in the sewer line. Another common cause and particularly in our homes is none flushable items such as toys. Therefore, teach your children on why they should not through toys and excess tissue in the toilet.


Kitchen Sinks Unclogging

When your kitchen sink is clogged, you will experience trouble draining the dirty water particularly after cleaning the dirty dishes. This is the time when you need an experienced kitchen sink unclogging plumber in Gardena. Contact United Plumbing Gardena for professional services when the kitchen sink is clogged.

A common cause of clogged kitchen sink is disposing the waste food and dirt in your sink rather than the garbage disposal. At United Plumbing Gardena, we will unclog the kitchen sink upon your request. Give us a call and we will be glad to provide assistance.

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Clogged Bathtub / Shower

You know how a clogged bathtub can be inconveniencing especially those evening when you arrive tired and need to take a relaxing bathe. Talk to United Plumbing Gardena for quick and efficient bathtub unclogging. We will bring back the smooth flow of water whenever you are experiencing a clogged bathtub.


Main Sewer Unclogging

All wastewater that comes from your house will flow into the main sewer line. The accumulation of dirt from the bathtub, the kitchen sink and the human waste will most likely cause main sewer line clogging. Contact United Plumbing Gardena for unclogging solutions. We provide scheduled sewer line camera inspection to help in detecting clogged sewer lines. Call us right away for professional and qualified unclogging services.

To schedule for residential or restaurant unclogging in Gardena, contact us at (424)272-7932. Our experienced personnel will be ready to help you.